I've always had a great deal of admiration for anyone involved in the Second World War. I would especially respect the heavy bomber pilots even if my Dad hadn't been one of them. After Dad passed away in Feb 2000, we found some short memoirs he had written along with extra pieces of information on sheets of paper in his log books. I wanted to pull all these sources together to make available for anyone who may be interested and to provide an electronic record of his endeavours for my two sons who Dad never had the chance to meet.

Below are two extracts from a speech given by my brother-in-law, Wayne Morris (also in the RAF) at Dad's funeral. I wanted to add this in as it gives such a great summary of Dad and his life. The entire speech can be found here.

"Ken’s flying log books make fascinating reading and include numerous active operations over enemy territory, including raids on Dresden, which it must be said he was not particularly comfortable about as he was certain the war was won by then. Ken also took part in a raid on The Eagle’s Lair, Hitler’s mountain refuge in Berchtesgarten. Unlike so many of his colleagues, Ken survived the war relatively unscathed but his own mortality was brought home to him after a horrific traffic accident in Southern Italy whilst on detached service there in 1945. Ken was very seriously injured in the crash which he couldn’t remember much about save that it may have happened after some squadron revelry – such was the custom in those days. Ken’s injuries were such that he was hospitalised for over a year and the damage to his leg was due to plague him later in life."

"Ken’s second stint in the RAF saw him become a qualified flying instructor and his career took him around the world, including a further spell of active service in the far east during the Borneo uprising. Although Ken was able to reflect on a full, varied and accomplished service career, in my opinion he was the kind of man who was best suited to the cut and thrust of war-time service."


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