Whilst being posted to 49 Squadron based in Fulbeck, Lincs, Dad flew the following operations - the scans of his log books show the same information.
Date Lancaster Operation Bombs Losses
18th Dec 44 NG352 Gdynia, Lutzow German Pocket Battleship 8x1000 4
21st Dec 44 NG352 Politz 1x4000, 4x1000, 4x500 8
13th Jan 45 PB791 Politz 1x4000, 10x500, 1x500 2
16th Jan 45 NG352 Brux 1x4000, 14x500 1
1st Feb 45 NG352 Siegen 1x4000,12 cans incendiary 4
13th Feb 45 SW274 Dresden 1x4000, 9 cans incendiary 7
14th Feb 45 SW274 Rositz Oil Refinery 1x4000, 14x500 3
20th Feb 45 SW265 Gravenhorst 6x1000 0
    Abortive - landed Colerne
23rd Feb 45 SW274 Horten - Oslo Fiord 18x500 1
5th Mar 45 SW274 Bohlen Oil Refinery 1x4000, 14x500 4
7th Mar 45 SW274 Harburg Oil Refinery 1x4000, 15x500, 1x500 13
11th Mar45 SW274 Essen 1x4000, 16x500 3
14th Mar 45 SW274 Lutzkendorf Oil Refinery 1x4000, 14x500 9
16th Mar 45 SW274 Wurzberg 1x4000, 12SBC 8
20th Mar 45 SW274 Bohlen Oil Refinery 1x4000, 14x500 9
22nd Mar 45 SW274 Hamburg Oil Refinery 1x4000, 15x500 4
7th Apr 45 PB875 Molbis Oil Refinery 1x4000, 9x500 1
16th Apr 45 PB875 Pilsen 1x4000, 11x500 1
    Landed Roscombe Down
24th Apr 45 PB875 Berchtesgaden 8x1000 2

Aircraft - all the aircraft that Dad flew until 1951 can be found listed here. Also shown is the fate of the Lancasters that he flew on these operations.

Crew - accompanying Dad on these operations and where they were positioned in the Lancaster.

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